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Products are the currency of value. Customers buy products to solve problems or enrich their lives. The basis for any product purchase is the buyer’s perceived value of the product. Strong perceived value creates repeat customers, recognizable brands, and brand loyalty. The most successful products are repeatedly purchased because they are perceived to contain high value that is always delivered in a predictable, consistent way. Disappointment never happens with successful products.

The key to creating and selling successful products is understanding the value that customers place upon those products. The higher the perceived value the more customers believe they should pay for the product. The range of perceived value among customers who purchase a particular product can be significant. Correctly identifying the value continuum for every product you sell will determine its success or failure in the marketplace.

WG Vallance has extensive experience both creating and selling successful high-value products. WG Vallance offers Product Services that significantly improve your odds of product success. Read more to find out how WG Vallance can help you successfully create and sell your products.


Concept Development

Understand your risks before you commit to product development. You have a great idea for a new product that you are convinced will be a winner. How do you learn your chances of success before you commit to the expense of full product development? By conducting a product concept development project that exposes the hidden “success risks” that are unique to every new product. Once understood, success risks provide the critical information to make informed product development decisions. WG Vallance offers the following services to support your product concept development efforts:

  • Product Opportunity Research
  • Projected Market Valuation
  • Concept Definition
  • Concept Development Plan
  • Development Project Management
  • Business Case Justification
  • Product Launch Plan Definition

Do you fully understand your new product development risks? Call WG Vallance today to learn how we can help you make better, more informed product development decisions. Click here to learn about our product development experience (see the “MediServe – Rehab Nurse Staffer” profile).

Prototyping & Market Evaluation

The product must to be real in order to determine its actual market potential. Customers purchase products only after they understand the complete “product experience.” Potential customers can’t accurately tell you if they would purchase your new product concept because they haven’t experienced it. That means two things have to happen for you to be able to successfully evaluate a new product’s market potential – 1. the product has to exist, and 2. your potential customers have to experience it. WG Vallance offers the following services to prototype your new product concept and establish its market potential:


  • Prototype Definition
  • Prototype Creation
  • Field Trial Definition
  • Field Trial Project Management
  • Market Potential Analysis
  • Final Product Configuration
  • Launch Plan Coordination

Do your new products contain the correct value and offer the right experience so that your prospective customers will purchase? Call WG Vallance today to learn how we can help you ensure that your new products contain the value and experience that will make them a market success.

Launch Management

You only get one chance to create your product’s reputation. Understanding and controlling each customer’s first encounter with your product determines if they’ll purchase the first time – and again in the future. While no business can control every product first encounter, they can control how products enter their markets and how customers perceive their value. This is product launch, and more than any other aspect of product management, it determines whether or not your new products can be successful. WG Vallance offers the following product launch services that facilitate the market success of your new products:


  • Launch Participant Engagement
  • Launch Plan Execution
  • Sales Team Handholding
  • Organization Product Training
  • Post-Launch Support
  • Launch Success Analysis

Do you have adequate control of your new product launch function? Is your organization internally aligned to fully support the launch and support of your new products? Call WG Vallance today to learn how we can help you improve your product launch performance and increase the commercial success of your new products.