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Business systems institutionalize productivity and enable the delivery of consistent customer value. They are the most effective means of eliminating waste and inefficiency from business operations. All businesses intuitively understand these facts. What is not well understood is the strategic role that business systems can play in gaining and keeping competitive advantage.

Business systems have traditionally focused on cost and quality control. This approach works well for markets that consume standardized products whose value and experience is well understood by customers. However, because customers now have instantaneous access to competitive data, traditional business systems are being forced to evolve. Leading-edge companies are integrating data analytics into their business systems to better understand how to increase the value of their products. This change is giving those companies that adopt this approach a competitive advantage.

WG Vallance offers a range of services that enable you to evolve your business systems to gain competitive advantage. Call WG Vallance today to learn how we can help you improve your business systems to attract new customers and keep the ones you’ve already won.


Business Value Alignment

Not all systems contribute competitive value proportional to their expense. Every business needs systems, but which ones provide the most competitive benefit? Answering this question is what enables certain businesses to become industry leaders. This happens because these businesses know exactly where to spend their most valuable resources – money, people, and time – to create the systems that make their products the most competitive in their markets. WG Vallance offers the following services to help you develop systems that provide the most competitive value possible relative to their expense:

  • Value Contribution Analysis
  • Business-IT Alignment Study
  • Alignment Solution Definition
  • Business Case Justification
  • Alignment Project Definition
  • Departmental Projects

Are your systems configured to deliver the maximum competitive benefit relative to their expense? Call WG Vallance today to learn how we can help make your systems more competitive. Click here to read about one of our Systems Services solutions (see the “Tel-Ad – Where Are The Prospects and How Much Are They Worth?” profile).

Solution Development & Testing

Objectivity is crucial for developing successful business systems. Because business systems ultimately affect 100% of the personnel in your business, they are political in nature. So it’s imperative that solution development and testing always be conducted placing the needs of the business before the needs of its personnel. Problem is, only the most mature and seasoned managers and executives typically possess the ability to place the needs of the business before their own. WG Vallance provides the following services to ensure that the objective needs of the business are met during solution development and testing:


  • Solution Development Management
  • Proof-of-Concept Testing
  • Final Solution Configuration
  • Alignment Project Coordination
  • Departmental Projects

Do you feel that an objective, outside perspective with broad business systems development experience is needed to help you develop your business systems solutions? Call WG Vallance today to learn how we can help you develop business systems solutions that advance the strategic competitive advantage of your business.

Organizational Integration

Change management and education are the keys to success. Changes in business systems generate uncertainty for employees – both in terms of their ability to use new systems and the effect that new systems themselves have on their existing job function. Successfully helping employees transition physically and emotionally from their existing jobs to new roles is the purpose of organizational integration. A comprehensive education and change management program is the most effective means of achieving organizational integration of new business systems. WG Vallance offers the following services to help you successfully manage your organizational integration efforts:


  • Change Management
  • Solution Education
  • Integration Management
  • Alignment Project Execution
  • Post-Implementation Support
  • Alignment Success Analysis
  • Departmental Projects

Do you need help with your organizational integration challenges? Would a fresh, outside perspective on this important topic be valuable? Call WG Vallance today to learn how we can help you succeed at transitioning your workforce to new business systems.