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Revenue Services

It all starts with revenue. It’s the first requirement to ensure the continued viability of your business over time. Successful revenue generation demands the simultaneous coordination of multiple business disciplines, every day of every year. You can’t miss a beat or everything else grinds to a halt.

Prospective customers must be identified, product value must be communicated, contracting must be completed, and your products and services must be delivered before you can recognize your revenue. Even more challenging, you have to accomplish all of this while keeping a wide array of customers happy with your products and services so that they will continue to do business with you in the future.

WG Vallance understands how difficult revenue cycle management can be. With a diverse background in a wide variety of industries, WG Vallance is qualified to help you solve your revenue management challenges. Whether it’s increasing revenue, generating the right kind of revenue, managing revenue recognition, or making sure you retain your valuable customers, WG Vallance offers Revenue Services that are tailored to your unique situation. Read more to find out how WG Vallance can help you solve your revenue challenges.



Get the word out! Prospective customers need the products and services you offer. Your challenge is to make sure they hear your message and not your competitors. WG Vallance makes this happen with its highly effective marketing programs that increase revenue by attracting new customers to your value message. We offer the following marketing services:

Is your marketing effort as productive as you believe it could be? Are your prospects and customers responding to your marketing efforts? Call WG Vallance today to find out how we can help you improve the performance of your marketing spend. Click here to learn about our marketing experience.

Strategic Product Selling

Your most compelling products could be hiding in plain sight. Customers perceive and respond to value in many different ways. Thoroughly understanding the “value components” contained within each of your products and services may lead to new ways to sell your products and services that significantly increases revenue production. Your entire organization will be affected if this occurs. We offer the following services to support your Strategic Product Selling efforts:


  • Value Components Definition
  • Components Market Valuation
  • Selling Approach Development
  • Selling Systems Development
  • Organization Training

Could Strategic Product Selling enable you to open new markets and segments or become the “go to vendor” in your industry? Call WG Vallance today to hear how we’ve achieved these results for others (see the “MediServe – IRFPPS Trial Program”) and how you can maximize the revenue-generating potential of your products today.

Customer Retention

Customer relationships are the most important asset you possess. No other component of your business is as reliable a generator of revenue as existing customers. Your company’s relationship with each customer determines whether they continue to do business with you in the future – or not. We offer the following services to enable you to maximize the value of your customer relationships:


  • Customer Experience Evaluation
  • Employee Service Assessment
  • Customer Retention Planning
  • Customer Support Training
  • Sales Team Retention Training
  • Service Excellence Certification

If you believe an independent 3rd party is needed to solve your customer retention challenges, WG Vallance can help. As an “outsider,” WG Vallance brings a different perspective to the challenge of making customer retention a top priority for every employee. Call WG Vallance today to learn how we can help your entire workforce excel at customer retention.