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Your business is your strategy. It exists to provide value to your customers in exchange for compensation from them. Your strategy is how you attract, sell, and retain customers. It’s what determines the degree of your success and your ability to remain in business over time. You use your strategy to understand your customer’s needs, their ability and willingness to pay for your products, your competitor’s efforts to capture the same customers, and changes in the world around you that may benefit or threaten your business.

The trouble with strategy is that it takes time, effort, and discipline. Time and effort that’s not available when your first priority is running your business. That’s why many businesses don’t develop a formal business strategy and maintain it over time. Industry leaders, however, understand that a strategic plan keeps the entire organization focused on a common set of objectives and goals. If the organization executes against the strategic plan, the company will achieve its goals and meet its objectives. It’s an autopilot to success.

WG Vallance offers a comprehensive suite of services that can kick-start your strategic planning and put you on the road to becoming an industry leader. Call WG Vallance today to learn how we can help you develop and execute a winning business strategy.


Research & Analysis

Understanding your markets radically increases your opportunity. Seldom are things in business what they appear to be at first glance. This is especially true of the markets for your products. Nuances in customer behavior, economic outlook, competitive activity, and other market factors work together to enable or prevent you from capturing and retaining customers. If you don’t understand these issues you can’t deal with them – which means your chances of success are 50/50, at best. WG Vallance offers the following services that enable you to understand your markets in detail so that you can stack the odds of success in your favor:

  • Market Opportunity Valuation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Emerging Trends Analysis
  • Regulatory Impact Analysis
  • Departmental Projects

Do you have a comprehensive understanding of the markets you serve and the nature of the opportunity that exists within each of these markets? Call WG Vallance today to learn how we can help you better understand your markets so that you can maximize your chances of success.

Strategy Management

Translate market understanding into an actionable strategic plan. For new businesses this is a start-up business plan. For existing businesses it is either a new strategic plan or an update to an existing plan. In either case, the strategic plan provides a detailed roadmap for successfully “harvesting” the opportunity identified from market research and analysis. Implementation and monitoring of the strategic plan measures and reports the attainment of goals and objectives throughout the organization against the plan. WG Vallance offers the following services to help you develop and manage your strategic planning:


  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Implementation Project Plan
  • Balanced Scorecard Monitoring
  • Strategy Value Alignment
  • Executive Coaching
  • Departmental Projects

Do you have a strategic plan that you are using to guide your business activities? Call WG Vallance today to learn how we can help you create and manage your strategic plan so that your entire organization is focused on achieving the same objectives and goals.

Operational Execution

Getting started and staying focused requires commitment. Someone must take responsibility for ensuring that the strategic plan becomes “operationalized” across the entire organization. Ideally, that “someone” should be a senior leader who has the stature to ensure participation in the strategic management process. This leader establishes close working relationships with the company’s departments and business units to facilitate their successful adoption and continued use of the strategic plan. This can be a challenge for senior leaders in organizations of all sizes. WG Vallance offers the following services to help senior leaders operationalized their strategic business plan:


  • Business Plan Development
  • Start-Up Leadership
  • Market Expansion Leadership
  • Departmental Projects

Do you need help operationalizing your strategic plan? Would a fresh, outside perspective on this important topic be valuable? Call WG Vallance today to learn how we can help you operationalize your strategic business plan and place your business on autopilot to success.